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Our goal is to develop next-generation human-machine interfaces that offer human-like interactive capabilities. To this end, we research fundamental computational methods as well as ambient and on-body systems to sense, model, and analyse everyday non-verbal human behavior and cognition.

PhD Position Available

We have a PhD position available in the context of the project Eyes4ICU. The topic is “Gaze Behaviour Analysis for Early Diagnosis and Monitoring of Autism”.

If you are highly motivated and capable of addressing and solving scientifically challenging problems, and if you are interested in doing research in an internationally oriented and highly successful team, you should apply by following instructions on our jobs page.

HiWi Position Available

Five HiWi positions are available: Action-aware diffusion models for procedure planning in instructional videos, 3D Computer Vision, Deep Learning Approaches for Theory of Mind, Deep Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning, and Web Interface for Annotation Workflow. See our jobs page for more information.