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MotionMA: Motion Modelling and Analysis by Demonstration

Eduardo Velloso, Andreas Bulling, Hans Gellersen

Proc. ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), pp. 1309-1318, 2013.


Particularly in sports or physical rehabilitation, users have to perform body movements in a specific manner for the exercises to be most effective. It remains a challenge for experts to specify how to perform such movements so that an automated system can analyse further performances of it. In a user study with 10 participants we show that experts’ explicit estimates do not correspond to their performances. To address this issue we present MotionMA, a system that: (1) automatically extracts a model of movements demonstrated by one user, e.g. a trainer, (2) assesses the performance of other users repeating this movement in real time, and (3) provides real-time feedback on how to improve their performance. We evaluated the system in a second study in which 10 other participants used the system to demonstrate arbitrary movements. Our results demonstrate that MotionMA is able to extract an accurate movement model to spot mistakes and variations in movement execution.



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