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MultiMediate ’23: Engagement Estimation and Bodily Behaviour Recognition in Social Interactions

Philipp Müller, Michal Balazia, Tobias Baur, Michael Dietz, Alexander Heimerl, Dominik Schiller, Mohammed Guermal, Dominike Thomas, François Brémond, Jan Alexandersson, Elisabeth André, Andreas Bulling

Proceedings of the 31st ACM International Conference on Multimedia, pp. 9640–9645, 2023.


Automatic analysis of human behaviour is a fundamental prerequisite for the creation of machines that can effectively interact with- and support humans in social interactions. In MultiMediate’23, we address two key human social behaviour analysis tasks for the first time in a controlled challenge: engagement estimation and bodily behaviour recognition in social interactions. This paper describes the MultiMediate’23 challenge and presents novel sets of annotations for both tasks. For engagement estimation we collected novel annotations on the NOvice eXpert Interaction (NOXI) database. For bodily behaviour recognition, we annotated test recordings of the MPIIGroupInteraction corpus with the BBSI annotation scheme. In addition, we present baseline results for both challenge tasks.



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