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Dominike Thomas is a PhD student in the Perceptual User Interfaces group since November 2019. She has a Bachelor and Master of Arts in Linguistics from the University of Ottawa, Canada. She finished a Master of Science in Computational Linguistics at the University of Stuttgart, where she specialized in speech synthesis and its evaluation by humans and machines. Staying true to her linguistics roots, she is interested in all things communication - whether speech and sign language, body language, facial expressions, and the importance of emotions in such signals. Further interests include accessibility in human-computer interactions as well as human-robot interaction.


Intelligent User Interfaces (Hauptseminar) Master
Medieninformatik (Tutor)Bachelor


Incorporating Gaze and Speech Signals in Multi-modal Emotion Recognition (B.Sc.) Ahmed Abdou
Classification Between Acted & Natural Emotions Using Audio-Video Feature Fusion (M.Sc.) Gauri Rasane
Multimodal Dataset for Deception Detection in a Political Setting (B.Sc.) Timo Hüttner