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Theory of Mind in Object-context Scenarios

Description: Theory of Mind refers to the rich capacity humans have to infer the underlying mental states of others by observing their actions. Such ability is especially vital in a number of settings where verbal communication is limited, while a collaborative task is required to be accomplished. The BOSS dataset is a multimodal video dataset for assessing the capability of AI systems in predicting human belief states in an object-context scenario where verbal communication is prohibited. The dataset consists of videos but it also collects precise labelling of human belief state ground-truth and multimodal inputs replicating all nonverbal communication inputs captured by human perception, such as gaze tracking, hand gestures, object detection and pose estimation.

Goal: The goal of this thesis is to design and evaluate, for the first time, a deep learning model that exploits (some or all) the non-verbal inputs such as gaze data and gestures to enrich its Theory of Mind capabilities. In case of success, publication in a top tier conference is very likely.

Supervisor: Matteo Bortoletto

Distribution: 10% literature review, 70% implementation, 20% analysis

Requirements: Good knowledge of deep learning, strong programming skills in Python and PyTorch, keen interest in multimodal learning, self management skills.


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