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Probing Interactive Explainable AI

Description: Kaur et al. (2020) showed that data scientists are unable to detect common issues in AI systems using existing explainable AI (XA) methods. There are multiple tools that try to simplify working with XAI methods, like explAIner (Spinner et al., 2020), BEAMES (Das et al., 2019), QUESTO (Das et al., 2020), and the What-If-Tool.

The goal of this project is to compare interactive XAI tools and investigate whether they support users better in finding issues in AI systems. For this, the contextual inquiry used by Kaur et al. (2020) can be replicated with a choice of interactive XAI tools.

Supervisor: Susanne Hindennach

Distribution: 20% Literature, 20% Experiment design, 20% Implementation, 40% Data analysis

Requirements: Interest in XAI and (UX) study design


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