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Multimodal Learning for Head Motion Prediction in Immersive Virtual Reality

Description: Immersive virtual reality (VR) can provide users with higher sense of presence than traditional 2D displays and has become an important 3D user interface in recent years. A user's head motion is of great significance in VR as it is a typical way for users to interact with the virtual world. Recently, head motion prediction has become a popular research topic as it is significant for a variety of applications including pre-rendering of huge 3D models and transmission of 360-degree VR videos. However, existing methods typically focused on single modality (VR content or past motion) and failed to obtain good performance for long-term prediction (> 1s). Therefore, it would be very interesting and meaningful to examine the effectiveness of multiple modalities and predict long-term head motion using multimodal features.

Goal: Explore the effectiveness of different modalities on the task of head motion prediction in VR. Develop deep learning methods to forecast head motion from multimodal features.

Supervisor: Zhiming Hu

Distribution: 60% Implementation, 20% Literature, 20% Analysis

Requirements: Good knowledge of deep learning, strong programming skills in Python and PyTorch. Preferable: knowledge of multimodal learning.

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