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Learning Representations of Mid-air Gesture Behaviour

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Description: Learning generalised representations of interactive behaviour not only reduces the laborious work of designing different features or models for each task, but also improves the data efficiency. Many methods can be used to learn such representations in a self-supervised and robustly such as contrastive learning and (masked) autoencoders. They have achieved groundbreaking success in natural language processing and computer vision but are still under-explored in HCI research field.

Goal: Apply self-supervised representation learning methods on mid-air gesture behavioural data to learn representations; transfer the representations on other datasets and evaluate on different downstream tasks, such as interactive task recognition, next activity prediction, and emotion recognition.

Supervisor: Guanhua Zhang

Distribution: 20% Literature, 20% Data preparation, 40% Deep learning, 20% Analysis and discussion

Requirements: Strong programming skills, Experience in deep learning, Familiar with PyTorch.


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