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Mental Face Reconstruction by Interactive Morphing

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Description: Mental image reconstruction is an interesting and challenging task with the goal of generating an image of something that only resides in a user's mind. It is used in various fields, most commonly in computer criminology, where it is used to reconstruct the face of a criminal from the memory of an eyewitness. The goal of this project is to build an interactive system that is able to reconstruct faces the user is thinking of based on their eye gaze behavior. The idea is to present multiple faces to a user while their eyes are being tracked. The gaze data is then used to morph between the facial areas of the different faces. This is repeated iteratively until the system converges or the user is satisfied. This method should be compared against the current state of the art in a user study.

Supervisor: Florian Strohm

Distribution: 20% Literature, 10% Data Preparation, 40% Implementation, 30% Analysis and Evaluation

Requirements: Interest in computer vision and eye-tracking