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Gaze-based Transformer for Improving Action Recognition in Egocentric Videos

Description: Current SOTA work in action recognition from egocentric videos uses hand-object interaction to create better class tokens in video transformers. However, gaze information can add richer information and create eye-hand coordination into model, which can potentially further increase the performance in action recognition. In this project, we will use transformer to extract gaze feature which is correlated to the hand and context information and use the gaze feature to improve the action recognition in egocentric videos.

Goal: Modify and finetune gazeformer and develop a method using both hand-object interaction and eye-hand coordination to improve the accuracy of action recognition.

Supervisor: Lei Shi

Distribution: : 70% implementation, 20% analysis, 10% literature review

Requirements: Strong programming skills, Experience in deep learning, Familiar with PyTorch, Knowledge in transformer.


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